FID Adjustable Bench (FPD-8052FID)

  • Flat Incline/Decline Bench
  • 90° of adjustment: -10° to 80° adjustable
  • New EZ-Handle design and rear transport wheels for mobility
  • Choice of Black or Silver Frame
  • L-47.64″ | W-28″ | H-18.11″
  • Machine Weight: 54.5 lbs

Flat Bench (FPD-Z622B)

  • New EZ-Handle design and rear transport wheels for mobility
  • Single-piece mainframe for added durability
  • L-29.53″ | W-50.59″ | H-17.72″
  • Machine Weight: 52.12 lbs

Light Commerical Flat to Incline Bench (FPD-LKU-1210)

  • 90° of adjustment: 0° to 90° adjustable
  • Adjustable Seat
  • L-55" | W-28" | H-18"

Multi-Adjustable Bench (FPD-624-MAB)

  • Multi-Angle Adjustable Bench
  • Multiple Angles from Flat to Incline
  • L-29.53″ | W-57.6″ | H-18.5″ | 99.21 lbs

Functional Trainer (FPD-686-FT)

  • Multi-Grip positioning handles to provide a variety of exercise options
  • Stainless steel 2in. square tube uprights with Heavy gauge metal pulley housing covers
  • Dual roller mechanism or pully housing provides a smooth and easy adjustment
  • 22 adjustment positions per column create a wide variety of exercises
  • (2) 210 lb. weight stacks fully shrouded on the backside of the unit
  • (6) Integrated accessory hooks for convenient storage
  • Includes essential accessory package: (1) long bar, (1) short bar, (1) deluxe tricep rope, a neoprene ankle strap, (2) molded grip handle, and (2) chains
  • 1:2 resistance level on weight stack
  • L-45.71″ | W-59.8″ | H-85.75″
  • Machine Weight: 815.7 lbs

Squat Stands (FPD-77-SS)

  • Height Adjustable Squat Stands
  • Adjustable Saftey Bailout Bars
  • L-27.83″ | W-35.24″ | H-82″
  • Machine Weight: 110.23 lbs

VKR Chin Dip (FPD-870-VKR)

  • Bars for Dip, Pull-up/Chin-up, and Ab Leg Raise Movements
  • High Quality Stiched Padding
  • L-43.23″ | W-43.11″ | H-92.2″
  • Machine Weight: 148.8 lb

Adjustable Decline/Crunch Bench (FPD-CB-313B)

  • High Quality Padded Bench and Knee/Shin Stops
  • Adjustable Flat to Decline Ability
  • New EZ-Handle design and rear transport wheels for mobility

Light Commerical FID Bench

  • Multi-Angle Adjustable Bench
  • Angle-Adjustable Seat
  • High Quality Padding
  • Equipped with a Handle and Rear Transport Wheels for Mobility

Rubber Medicine Balls

  • Helps develop core strength, balance, and coordination
  • Sturdy rubber construction; can bounce off hard surfaces
  • Textured finish provides a superior grip
  • Available in sizes 4,6,8,10,12,15,20lbs

Slam Balls

  • Durable, sand-filled no-bounce balls ideal for tossing and slamming activities
  • Perfect for total body exercise, core strength and explosive power movements
  • Heavy-duty rubber shell for maximum durability
  • Weight Options: 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 25lb, 30lb, 35lb, 40lb, 45lb, 50lb, 60lb

6′ Olympic Bar (FPD-B2472)

  • Measures 46 1/2″ Between Sleeves (will NOT fit an Olympic bench.)
  • 300 Lbs. Capacity
  • Chromed Finish

7′ Olympic Bar (FPD-1200)

  • Accommodates 2 in Olympic plates with a 1200-Pound weight capacity
  • Hard chrome finish with polished steel sleeves
  • Medium-depth diamond knurl

Curl Bar (FPD-B28)

  • Hard Chrome
  • 28mm diameter
  • 2″x47″

Light Commercial EZ Curl Bar (FPD-OB-47C)

  • Chrome Finish
  • Great for Natural Hand Positioning for Many Movements
  • Versitile Capability for Exercises

Olympic Hex Bar

  • Hex bar w/ 1.25″ hand grip which accommodates 2″ bars
  • Made of solid steel
  • Weight capacity is 1000 lbs
  • Available in two sizes: 140cm x 58cm (FPD-LOB-1007-1) or 180cm x 58cm (FPD-LOB-1007-2)

Men's 7' Olympic Bar Black and Red (FPD-OB86-PCMB-R)

  • 7' Olympic Barbell
  • 45Lb Barbell
  • Polymer-Ceramic 6 Needle Bearing
  • Red and Black

Men's 7' Olympic Bar Camo (FPD-OB86-PCMB-C)

  • 7' Olympic Barbell
  • 45lb barbell
  • Men's Polymer-Ceramic 6 Needle Bearing
  • Blue and Black Camouflage Color

Women's 6' Olympic Bar Red (FPD-OB80-PCWD-R)

  • 6' Olympic Barbell
  • 30lb Barbell
  • Women's Olympic Bar 4 Needle Bearing
  • Red and Black Color

Women's 6' Olympic Bar Black (FPD-OB80-WBB)

  • 6' Olympic Barbell
  • 30lb Barbell
  • Black

Women's 6' Aluminum Bar Pink (FPD-OB72AU)

  • 6' Aluminum Barbell
  • 15 LB Barbell
  • Pink

Lock Jaw Collars (FPD-LJC)

  • This barbell clamp fits for 2 inches’ Olympic standard size
  • Quick release, not easy to slide
  • Perfect for workouts, Olympic lifts, overhead press, deadlifts, bench press, or any other workout using 2 inches Olympic Barbell
  • Material: Reinforced Plastic. ABS

Rubber Bumper Plates (FPD-RBP)

  • High quality rubber allows for a consistent dead bounce, allowing the bumper plates to maintain their durability
  • All plates are IWF standard, 450mm in diameter, and are perfect for executing technical lifts
  • Weight Options: 10lb, 15lb, 25lb, 35lb, 45lb, 55lb

Rubber Grip Plates (FPD-RGP)

  • Rubber encased grip plate with stainless steel center ring-Iron Bull logo
  • Plate Rack and tree sold separately
  • Weight Options: 2.5lb, 5lb, 10lb, 25lb, 35lb, 45lb

Medicine Balls with Handles (FPD-LMB-8021)

  • All black medicine balls with handles
  • Weight Options: 6lb, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 14lb, 16lb, 18lb, 20lb

Wall/Slam Balls (FPD-LMB-8006A)

  • Individually constructed, stitched, and tested for quality, the Rep Fitness soft medicine balls are perfect for use in CrossFit wall ball exercises
  • Very durable thick double stitching and grippe synthetic leather is perfect for CrossFit wall ball exercises and high speed medicine ball work
  • Each ball is individually tested for balance to ensure even packing of internal weight
  • 14″ diameter for every size
  • Weight Options: 10lb, 12lb, 14lb, 16lb, 18lb, 20lb, 25lb, 30lb

Rubber Hex Dumbbells (FPD-RBHX)

  • Made of solid cast iron with a protective black rubber coating
  • Contoured chrome handles
  • Hexagon shaped dumbbell heads are designed to prevent rolling and provide easier storage
  • Sold individually with sets available
  • Weight Options: 3lb, 5lb, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 15lb, 17.5lb, 20lb, 22.5lb, 25lb, 27.5lb, 30-100 (5lb increments)

Powder Coated Kettlebells (FPD-KG)

  • Marked in both pounds and kilograms, so no need to convert! Conforms to CrossFit prescribed workouts, and Russian standards of weights
  • A smooth high quality slightly textured handle that makes chalk unnecessary for most people. Texture also adds grip so it doesn’t fly out of your hands, yet comfortable enough for high reps.
  • Our matte powder coating provides superior grip compared to glossy enamel and resists chipping. The chipping of the enamel will cut into your hands
  • Weight Options: 4kg White, 6kg Dark Blue, 8kg Pink, 12kg Light Blue, 16kg Yellow, 20kg Purple, 24kg Green, 28kg Orange, 32kg Red, 36kg Grey, 40kg White, 44kg Blue

Urethane Dumbbells (FPD-UDB)

  • Our Dumbbells feature solid steel heads with a durable, shock-absorbent urethane plating, fully over-molded to the center
  • The heads are welded to a 6” straight hardened chrome handle to create a solid, single piece dumbbell that moves fluidly and compactly
  • The combination of the urethane plating and textured finish makes these dumbbells uniquely low-maintenance, looking like new even after long periods of use
  • Weight Options: 5lb-100lb in 5lb increments (Sold individual and in sets)

Competition Rubber Bumper Plates (FPD-CRB)

  • Our competition bumper plates are made with premium rubber that allows them to withstand drops in all workouts
  • Due to the materials used, they have a dead blow when dropped with very little bounce
  • The larger steel core creates a thinner and more durable plate
  • Weight Options: 10lbs, 25lbs, 35lbs, 45lbs, 55lbs

Medicine Ball Rack (5) (FPD-MBA-5-MBA)

  • 5 Ball Rack for Medicine Balls
  • L-22.76″ | W-23.9″ | H-52.6″
  • Rack Weight: 20.94 lbs

Medicine Ball Rack (10) (FPD-MBR-10-MBR)

  • 10 Ball Medicine Ball Rack
  • L-27.3″ | W-32″ | H-52.3″
  • Rack Weight: 31.97 lbs

3 Tier Dumbbell Rack (FPD-LRK-108)

  • 3 Level Dumbbell Rack, Great for Dumbbell Storage
  • L-53" | W-20" | H-37"
  • Rack Weight: 77.42lbs

2-Tier Tray Dumbbell/Kettlebell Rack (FPD-HDR80-2 Tier)

  • Converts from angled to flat position to hold standard dumbbells, hex dumbbells or kettle bells
  • Great Storage Rack for Dumbbells and Kettlebells

Dumbbell Rack (FPD-6230-DR)

  • 3 Level Dumbbell Storage Rack
  • L-39.76" | W-22.64" | H-31.7"
  • Rack Weight: 71.65lbs

Kettlebell Rack (FPD-KR-30-KBR)

  • 3 Level Kettlebell Storage Rack
  • L-31″ | W-56.8″ | H-32.87″
  • Rack Weight: 66.14 lbs

Pro Style Saddle Rack (FPD-S-652-3TDSR)

  • 3 Tier Saddle Rack
  • Frame - Wrinkle Black
  • Capacity - 10 pairs Round Dumbbells
  • L-57" | W-36" | H-36
  • Rack Weight: 180.1 lbs

3 Tier Kettlebell Rack (FPD-KR-36)

  • 3 Tier Kettlebell Rack
  • Longer Step Style Rack for Efficient Storage

Olympic Plate Tree (FPD-662-OPT)

  • Great solution for Olympic plate storage
  • 2 barbell holders
  • 6 plate holders
  • L-32.68″ | W-29.53″ | H-43.31″
  • Rack Weight: 63.93 lbs

Bumper Plate Storage Rack

  • Storage Rack for Bumper Plates
  • Rear Wheels for Easy Transportation
  • Handle for ease of transportation

Power Tubes

  • High quality resistance training equipment
  • Weight Options: 10lbs, 20lbs, 30lbs, 40lbs
  • Items: FPD-PT-10, FPD-PT-20, FPD-PT-30, FPD-PT-40

Ab Mat (Item: FPD-ABMAT)

  • Provides full range of motion for training oblique’s and ab muscles, doing crunches and sit-ups
  • High Density firm foam supports and cushions body during plyometric exercises
  • Advanced vinyl is easy to clean, and provides excellent grip to the floor to prevent slipping and injury
  • Perfect for Fitness, a trimmer tummy, and pain free sit ups

Stackable Soft Plyo Box Set (FPD-LKC-985)

  • Stack boxes together or use alone to achieve desired training height
  • Soft Plyo Boxes are made with high density EVA foam and anti-skid matte durable cover
  • Each box has two handles and Velcro strips for stability and re-positioning
  • 35" x 28" x 6"/ 12"/ 18" / 24"

Soft 3 ‘n 1 Plyo Box (FPD-LKC-921)

  • Safest plyo box available
  • Solid and stable with Durable Foam Interior
  • 20 , 24 and 30″ heights in one plyo box
  • 30" x 20" x 24"

Anti-Burst Fitness Ball

  • Items: FPD-DSF-DB55, FPD-DSF-DB65, FPD-DSF-DB75
  • 55cm, 65cm, 75cm

Rope Hook and Anchor Set (FPD-RSH/RA)

  • Wall mount your battle rope properly and improve your workout!
  • This is useful for professional and home gyms, and will add convenience and intensity to your workout

Battle Ropes (FPD-BR-30FT, FPD-BR-50FT, FPD-LKC-969-30, FPD-LKC-969-50)

  • Material: 100% Polypropylene and Polyester, Wear Resistant and Durable, High Tensile Strength
  • Rope Size: 1.5″ Width and 30ft,50ft Length
  • 3-Strand Twisted Rope Strong Construction
  • 600D Oxford Waterproof Sleeve Protect the Rope from Friction and Fray with Heat Shrink Caps on the Ends, Heavy and Appressed
  • 30ft, 50ft, 30ft with Nylon Cover, 50ft with Nylon Cover

Strength Bands

  • Resistance band / pull-up band supports a variety of popular workout routines at home or the gym
  • Use it for assisted chin-ups and pull-ups, biceps curls, calisthenics, stretching, and more
  • Helps target specific muscle groups and enhance strength, endurance, coordination, and flexibility
  • Made from thick, durable rubber for reliable long-lasting strength; compact portable design
  • 2 - 5lbs Orange 1/4", 5 - 35lbs Red 0.5", 10 - 50lbs Purple 0.8", 25 - 80lbs Green 1.12", 50 -120-lbs Blue 1.75", 60- 150lbs Light Green 2.5", 70 - 170lbs Dark Grey 3.25", 80-200 lbs Black 4"
  • \
  • (Items:FPD-SB.25, FPD-SB.5, FPD-SB.8125, FPD-SB1.25, FPD-SB1.75, FPD-SB2.5, FPD-SB3.25, FPD-SB4.5)

Thin Band Loops

  • SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE – Great for women and men of all fitness levels. Each exercise band offers a different level of resistance to work muscles throughout the whole body progressively and safely
  • USE THEM ANYWHERE – The resistance band set can be easily transported to use wherever you like. The exercise loop bands fit easily into the carry bag provided. Get a great resistance bands workout in at home, the gym or when travelling
  • Weight Options: Yellow, 12" x 2" x 0.50mm, Green, 12" x 2" x 0.70mm, Red, 12" x 2" x 0.90mm, Blue, 12" x 2" x 1.10mm, Black, 12" x 2" x 1.30mm

DPR Dip Attachment (FPD-355-DP)

  • Dip Attachment for Rigs

Pull Up Bar (FPD-PUB)

  • Bar extends 32’’ from wall
  • Bar is 50’’ across
  • Holes are 48’’ across
  • 33’’ vertical brackets w/ 4 holes

Deluxe Stirrup (FPD-PB-17)

  • PU Ergo Grips
  • Nylon Bushings

Multi-Purpose "V" Bar (FPD-PB-32)

  • PU Ergo Grips
  • Multi-Movement Capability

28" Revolving Curl Bar (FPD-PB-10)

  • 28" Revolving Curl Bar Attachment
  • PU Ergo Grips

48" Revolving Lat Bar (FPD-PB-07)

  • 48"(4ft) Revolving Lat Bar Attachment
  • PU Ergo Grips

Multi-Exercise Revolving Bar (FPD-PB-16)

  • Versitile Revolving Bar Attachment
  • PU Ergo Grips

34" Pro Style Revolving Lat Bar (FPD-PB-09)

  • 34" Pro Style Grip Revolving Lat Bar
  • PU Ergo Grips

20" Revolving Straight Bar (FPD-PB-11)

  • 20" Revolving Straight Bar Attachment
  • PU Ergo Grips

Triceps Revolving Full Extension Bar (FPD-PB-14)

  • Revolving Full Tricep Extention Bar
  • PU Ergo Grips

Triceps "Press Down" Rope Double Grip (FPD-PB-15)

  • Tricep Double Grip Rope Attachment

Nylon Ab Strap (FPD-LKC-929)

  • Material: Nylon
  • Ab Strap Attachment

Seated Row/Chinning Bar Revolving (FPD-PB-20)

  • Revolving Row/Chinning Bar Grip
  • PU Ergo Grips

Bumper Plates - High End

  • Solid Steel Center Hub
  • Natural Rubber With Very Low odor
  • Available in 10, 25, 35, 45 lb increments
  • Kilo Available

Extreme Rack

  • 8' Uprights
  • 4' Single Square Bars
  • 2' Single Square Barss
  • Single Chin Bars
  • Base Feet
  • J-Cups
  • Weight Storage Pins

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are one of the most popular methods of exercising primarily due to the ease of portability that the bands offer. They can easily be carried in a briefcase, purse or backpack and used at any time no matter where you may be. Resistance bands come in a variety of resistant levels which are designated by the color of the band. The lighter the color of band the lighter the level of resistance and the darker the color of the band the higher the level of resistance will be. Resistance bands are commonly used in conjunction with your existing workout regimen. They are also the perfect exercise method for those who have physical limitations or are recuperating from surgery or illness.


  • Sized 5-80 lbs in 5 lbs increments
  • Available: Rubber Coating or Painted Black


  • Solid Steel Core
  • Cast Molded
  • Available from 5-150 lb in 5 lb increments
  • Available from 160 to 200 lb in 10 lb increments
  • Available from 7.5lb – 27.5 lb in 5 lb increments

Battle Ropes

Battling ropes are made using a heavy duty rope which is designed to be heavy to lift and move so that it will take a large amount of effort from anyone who is using the rope as part of their workout. Battle ropes come in a variety of different sizes and lengths, but the two most common sizes used are 25mm and 44mm. The lengths of the ropes tend to differ as well and can be purchased in lengths ranging from 5, 10 and 25m.

Hex Dumbbells

Working out using hex dumbbells is a great way to improve your overall level of strength. Hex dumbbells are fixed weight dumbbells. They come in a variety of different weights that can be used to workout at different levels. Hex dumbbells make a wonderful and beneficial addition to any existing workout program. Not only do they offer stability when performing push-ups, they are also an excellent tool to use when trying to increase your level of upper body strength. When starting to lift hex dumbbells, it is important that you allow yourself to work up to higher degrees of weights in the proper fashion.

Wall Balls

TYPES: 4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20 lbs.

Troy Barbell is transforming the fitness industry yet again with our dynamic new VTX line of Wall Balls.

The VTX Wall Ball is an incomparable blend of affordable style and unmatched quality.

Adjustable Bench (Item# F3 0-90)

  • Our seat and back profiles optimum support and pinch-free movement
  • Bench heights are 16" from the floor so a user's feet are flat on the floor and their back is fully supported (not arched)
  • 57" L x 25" W x 19" H
  • Machine Weight: 107 lbs

Adjustable Abdominal Bench (Item# F3AAB)

  • Decline the angle by lowering the head, instead of raising the seat for easier mount and dismount
  • Ratcheting back pad adjustment
  • Leg anchoring design at fixed height with entry/exit handle
  • Constant radius back pad provides optimal support and great feel
  • 33" H x 64" L x 23" W
  • Machine Weight: 115 lbs
  • Adjustments: Flat, -5,-10,-15,-20

Adjustable Decline Bench (Item# F3AD)

  • Decline the bench by lowering the head, instead of raising the seat
  • Enables easier user mount and dismount
  • Ratcheting back pad adjustment with adjustments back pad provides optimal support and great feel
  • 58" L x 23" W x 23" H
  • Machine Weight: 120 lbs
  • Adjustments: Flat, -5,-10,-15,-20

Adjustable Hip Extension Bench (Item# F3AHE)

  • Ratcheting hip pad adjustment (35 to 55°) accommodates short to tall users
  • Features comfortable and secure design elements such as wide wrap-over hip/thigh pads, optimal hip pad to knee pad distance, and entry/exit handles
  • Leg anchoring design with support pads behind user's knees
  • 34" H x 63" L x 39" W
  • Machine Weight: 128 lbs
  • Adjustments: 35-55 degrees

Barbell Rack (Item# F3BR)

  • Features brushed chrome-plated bar holders that can store up to standard (fixed) barbells, five per side
  • Accommodates standard easy-curl bars
  • Comes with a weight accessories tray, designed to hold extra handlers, bar collars and wraps
  • 32" W x 45" L x 51" H

Olympic Decline Bench (Item# F3ODB)

  • Fore-aft adjustable seat to ensure user is in proper lift position
  • 15 degrees decline bench
  • 53" H x 87" L x 68" W
  • Machine Weight: 200 lbs

Olympic Flat Supine Bench (Item# F3OSB)

  • Contoured back pad (similar to the Flat Utility Bench)
  • Seat height 15 1/4" from floor
  • Handles over 600 pounds of plate storage
  • 53" H x 74" L x 68" W
  • Machine Weight: 206 lbs

Olympic Incline Bench (Item# F3OIB)

  • Ratcheting seat adjustment for ease of use and solid feel
  • 35 degrees incline seat
  • Back pad tapers to 10" wide at the chest
  • Includes integrated spotters platform
  • 64" H x 85" L x 68" W
  • Machine Weight: 291 lbs

Power Rack (Item# F3PR)

  • Design allows ease-of-use with 0-90 bench (Optional attachment)
  • Workout area of 42" by 88"
  • J-hook racking system with locking mechanism
  • Safety bailout bars with 15 positions on a stainless channel that eliminates chipped paint
  • Built-in ergo-chin bar with multiple grip positions
  • 1,000 pound max lift load
  • 92" H x 76" L x 70" W
  • Machine Weight: 439 lbs

Preacher Curl (Item# F3PC)

  • Brushed chrome-plated bar holders bolt to frame
  • Pad support upper arm leaving elbow free for perfect position
  • Walk-in design (low step-over height) for easy accessibility
  • Ratcheting seat adjustment for ease of use and solid feel
  • Built-in ergo-chin bar with multiple grip positions
  • 37" H x 43" L x 29" W
  • Machine Weight: 96 lbs

Squat Rack (Item# F3SR)

  • Over 600 pounds of plate storage, using its 6 brushed chrome-plated weight horns
  • Brushed chrome-plated bar holders are 5/16" thick and feature two catch positions
  • 700 pound maximum lift load
  • 71" H x 66" L x 68" W
  • Machine Weight: 271 lbs

Two-Tier Barbell Rack (Item# F32TDR)

  • Holds ten pairs of dumbbells (5 lb to 100 lb sizes)
  • The molded dumbbell saddles protect weights from scuffing
  • This rack can be nested length-wise to other dumbbell upholstery
  • 96" W x 28" L x 30" H

Weight Tree (Item# F3WT)

  • Has six zinc-plated weight horns for plates and collars with an easy on/off design
  • The wide base helps prevent tip-overs and features a storage area in the center
  • 39" W x 34" L x 33" H

Pendlay Elite Half Rack System (Item# PHRS)

The Pendlay Half Rack is perfect for areas with limited floor space. Made to go against the wall and allow for the middle of the room to remain open. Footprint is 67" wide, 64" deep, 96" tall (104" with optional name plate crown). Standard with upper and lower band posts, 1" pull up bar, weight storage, accessory storage hooks, drop in safety bars and drop in J latches. Walk thru design removes tripping hazards and gives room clean, open look. Base connectors are raised 4" off the ground to allow sumo style lifts. Lasered uprights are 3/16 thick 3 x 3 carbon steel with numbers lasered in for ease in locating latches. Top connectors gusseted with tubing for increased strength and stability. Weight storage covered with UHMW for both rack and weight protection. Latches constructed with UHMW inserts to protect bar no bar to metal contact.

War Machine Rotational Bodyweight Training System (Item# CC-WM)

The War Machine® Rotational Bodyweight Training™ System was developed for the US Military to give soldiers the most reliable and versatile fitness system availlable whether indoors or out. The War Machine® is the only Rotational Bodyweight Trainer™ in the world that utilizes a patented lockable pulley system. Insert the magnetic pin to lock the pulley in place when more stable movements are needed. PULL THE PIN™ for rotational movement to really stimulate the core and improve balance. The detachable handles and pulley system work together to allow other forms of resistance to be used such as kettlebells and stretch cords. For pull-ups and knee raises the handle carabiners clip right into the top of the pulley housing. The War Machine® attaches to most any safe anchor point between 7’ and 11’ high. And when you’re ready to pack it up, the complete system fits into a small carry bag and weighs only about 5 lbs. Made In The USA, this product is heavy-duty and built to withstand up to approximately 1,000 lbs.